Swiss Talks #3

Architecture, Talk, Roma/online

With Jeannette Kuo and Vitale Zanchettin

Architecture, Talk

With Jeannette Kuo and Vitale Zanchettin

The talk will be held in English at H18:30 at Istituto Svizzero, via Liguria 20, Rome.

Watch the video recording here.

Swiss Talks #3: Actuality of the Ancient
With Jeannette Kuo (architect, Zurich) and Vitale Zanchettin (architect, Venice)

Ancient architecture, before it was such, was also contemporary with its designers and, at times, genuinely ahead of its time. During the conversation, Jeannette Kuo – co-author of the project for the Archaeological Center of Augusta Raurica, Augst, Canton Basel-Stadt, 2014-2022 – and Vitale Zanchettin address the theme of the relationship between present and past in both a metaphorical and literal sense.


H18:30 – Introduction by Federico Tranfa
H18:45 – Presentation  by Jeannette Kuo
H19:15 – Presentation by Vitale Zanchettin
H19:45 – Discussion

The recognition of 2 CFP for architects from the CNAPPC is confirmed for this initiative.

Swiss Talks is a cycle of meetings dedicated to the orientations of contemporary architecture in Switzerland, now in its sixth edition. The three meetings of 2022 gather the testimonies of as many contemporary designers and their interlocutors, who are called to talk about their work in relation to some fundamental questions: the nature of the discipline, its sustainability and the relationship with our cultural roots.

The meetings take the form of conversations preceded by short introductory talks by the invited guests.

A project by Istituto Svizzero and Casabella Formazione, curated by Federico Tranfa.
With the support of Gruppo Mondadori and ProViaggi Architettura.


Jeannette Kuo is co-founding partner of Zurich-based KARAMUK KUO and Professor of Architecture and Construction at TU Munich. Her research and work focus on the intersection of structures, space, and culture. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley, a Master in Architecture degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a Master of Advanced Studies from ETH Zurich. Prior to the Professorship at TUM, she taught at Harvard GSD, EPF Lausanne, MIT, and UC Berkeley. Publications include the two-volume research on workspace typologies: A-Typical Plan (2013) and Space of Production (2015), and the El Croquis 161 monograph on the work of the office.

Vitale Zanchettin (1967) graduated in 1996 from the Iuav University of Venice, where he also received her PhD and where he teaches modern and contemporary architectural history. As a fellow at the Bibliotheca Hertziana – Max Plank Institut fĂŒr Kunstgeschichte, he carried out studies on the urban development of Rome in the early 16th century. He was a Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms UniversitĂ€t in Bonn and for his studies on the Vatican Basilica he was awarded the Hanno-und-Ilse-Hahn Prize in 2009. Since 2015 he has been in charge of the Office of Superintendence of Architectural Heritage of the Vatican Museums.