Aula Bunker

Exhibition, Summer Schools, Talk, Palermo

Palazzo Butera

Exhibition, Summer Schools, Talk

Palazzo Butera

The event will be held in English at Palazzo Butera from H17:00 to H19:00

Palazzo Butera
Via Butera 8, Palermo
Free entry

Aula Bunker. Architecture, Justice and Media in 1980s Palermo

The Aula Bunker (Bunker Courthouse) is one of the most emblematic buildings of an important political and judicial season in Palermo and post-war Italy. Through workshops and discussions with architects, artists, and photographers whose work revolves around the city, the Summer School intends to analyze the urban relations and the influence on the collective imagination of an artifact that is at the same time enigmatic and hyper-mediatized.
Along with visits to the Aula and other relevant sites, the aim is to consider the Aula Bunker not just as an architectural entity but also as a significant presence in collective memory and a monument to the fight against the Mafia.
With a particular focus on the relationship between architecture and its mediatic representation, this approach will provide a deeper understanding of the intricate connections between Palermo’s architecture, history, and sociopolitical landscape in post-war Sicily.

Public event 12.07.2024 H17:00-19:00

The work, which will span various media and forms of representation, will be presented in an exhibition at Palazzo Butera on Friday, July 12th at 17:00.
During this event, students will showcase their projects and engage in a public conversation with the tutors and with Palermo-based architect Pietro Airoldi, and artist Beatrice Gibson.

The public event and the Summer School are curated by Anna Livia Friel (TUWien, Supervoid), Benjamin Gallegos (IED, Supervoid), Marina Montresor (ETH), Marco Provinciali (IED, Supervoid), and Alfredo Thiermann (EPFL).

In collaboration with EPFL and ETH Zurich

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