SOL INVICTUS: Sounds and performances for the winter solstice in Roma

Art, Performance, Sound, Roma - MACRO


Roma - MACRO
Art, Performance, Sound


Also this year, Istituto Svizzero celebrates the winter solstice with an exceptional line-up of performances and live-sets in Palermo, Milan and Rome.

The shortest day of the year: the winter solstice, by convention, is the moment in which, due to the position of the Sun with respect to the equator, the longest night and the shortest day correspond. An astronomical event rich in symbolic meanings ‚Äď sometimes even controversial ‚Äď that was celebrated in antiquity by pagan populations before the advent of Christianity: the Romans celebrated Sol Invictus, the Egyptians the birth of Horus, the Greeks worshipped Helios. After the prevailing hours of winter darkness, the Sun seemed to be reborn and became invincible (from Latin Sol Invictus). A time of year that, ancestrally, marks the passage from darkness to light. And it is precisely to the search for light, for the divine that is in the air, for the myth and the beauty of nature that Istituto Svizzero revolves these three evenings of movement and sound experimentation.

Curated by Gioia Dal Molin.


16.12.2023 H19:00-24:00
MACRO ‚ÄĒ Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, via Nizza 138, Roma
Free entry, book here
Food and drinks can be purchased on-site


Francesca Sproccati, Out of Me, Inside You, 40 min 

Katja Schenker, dress, 20 min ca.

Tiran Willemse, blackmilk, 45 min

Madison Bycroft & Louise BSX

Hybrid set: Jessika Khazrik, Concurrence, 60 min

The event is organized in collaboration with MACRO ‚ÄĒ Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.

Francesca Sproccati an artist active in the field of performing arts. She creates scenic installations that become contemplative environments in which sound, matter and sensation stimulate and enhance the dimension of listening and give space to the encounter between bodies-matter beyond the performance itself. With her works she stages a fragile and unresolved space, leaving it up to the audience to complete it. She is co-creator of the movement TIB – Ticino is Burning.

Katja Schenker¬†lives and works in Zurich. Her artistic works focus on the areas of live performance, drawing, sculpture and instal¬≠lations in internal and external spaces, highlighting the use of natural materials in most cases. The sensuality of these materials play an important role, as do their context, as well as their spatial and temporal dimensions, such as mass, perme¬≠a¬≠bility or peris¬≠ha¬≠bility. Schenker‚Äôs artworks aim to thereby heighten the experience and perception of one‚Äôs own corpo¬≠reality in relation to the bodies of the audience and that of the artist. In her processes, concepts such as skin, openness and hold play an important role.¬†She has received among others the Swiss Art Award three times, as well as the Swiss Performance Art Award and in 2021 the St. Gallen Cultural Founda¬≠tion‚Äôs ‚ÄėRecognition Prize‚Äô. Katja Schenker studied compa¬≠rative literature, art history and philosophy at the University of Zurich and the √Čcole des Hautes √Čtudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris.

Tiran Willemse is a dancer, choreographer and researcher from South-Africa based in Zurich. Their performance based practice is rooted in a careful attention to space, imagination, gesture and sound, focusing on how they relate to the ways in which construction of race and gender are performed, communicated and challenged. They’re is artist in residence at Gessnerallee in Z√ľrich and their work continues touring internationally.

Madison Bycroft is an artist born in Tarntanya (Adelaide, Australia), and currently working in Marseille, France. Bycroft is a graduate of the University of South Australia (2013), and the MFA program at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam (2016). Working with video, sculpture and performance, Madison Bycroft‚Äôs current interests extend into forms of reading and writing, expression, and refusal. The politics of illegibility and legibility are explored through language and material, asking how ‚Äėsense‚Äô is framed by historical contexts, biases, and structures of power. They are interested in how we might re-imagine ‚Äėreading‚Äô (in its expanded sense) and understanding, not as goal-oriented towards accomplishment, but as a relationship that hovers and makes space: opaque, never arriving, ungrounded, and floating.

Louise Bsx is a musical artist and technician living and working in Paris, France. She studied sound at the √Čcole nationale sup√©rieure Louis Lumi√®re before starting her musical career as an interpreter, author, and producer. She collaborates with artist Thx4Crying by producing several of her singles and her EP Montagne d‚ÄôEmeraude. She is involved in filmmaking as a sound designer, editor and mixer, notably on Alice Michaud‚Äôs Song of the Standing Dead, Antoine Mayet‚Äôs A la mer sans Camille and Gio Ventura‚Äôs Sports Xtrem. She also works as a technician at La Fl√®che d’Or in Paris.

Astrophysical, hyperbodily and alchemical, Jessika Khazrik‚Äôs live musical practice is deeply devoted to communal solace, collective transcendence and trans-generational healing. With genre-defying mercurial treatments of voice, drums and space, her sonic scapes intimately investigate the ecological and techno-political premises of continua we inhabit, co-create or forget. Concocting scores from trans-millennial compendia of healing, space and biosensing technologies and on-site/online detritus, her live and hybrid sets are deeply informed by ancestral chanting traditions ‚Äď like Armenian sharakan, Levantine mawwal and Iraqi radh ‚Äď skewed with a quaint techno and incomputable entrancing rhythms.¬†