AHAHAHAH Archivi dei sentimenti HIHIHI

Performance, Workshop, Via Liguria 20, Roma

“I Pomeriggi” series
02.05.24 H14:00-18:00
03.05.24 H14:00-20:15

Via Liguria 20, Roma
Performance, Workshop

“I Pomeriggi” series
02.05.24 H14:00-18:00
03.05.24 H14:00-20:15

AHAHAHAH Archivi dei sentimenti HIHIHI

The event will be held at the Istituto Svizzero, Via Liguria 20, Roma
Curated by LĂ©a Katharina Meier (Fellow Roma Calling, Visual arts, Performance).
‘I Pomeriggi’ series

Free entrance

Laboratorio: Lacrime di Arlecchino – performare la maschilità da una prospettiva queer
The workshop is divided into two days. To participate in the second day, it is necessary to have participated in the first.
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AHAHAHAH Archivi dei sentimenti HIHIHI – performances

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Istituto Svizzero hosts two days of workshops and two performances curated by LĂ©a Katharina Meier, inviting various artists to share their performative research. The aim is to create a sentimental, corporal and embodied archive of artistic practices generating an emotional collectivity. So that together we can laugh till we cry and pee our pants, feel deeply ashamed and jubilate with the possibilities of our imaginations.


LĂ©a Katharina Meier (1989) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Lausanne. Through performance, textiles, drawing, video and writing, her artistic practice develops narratives in which failure, shame and ridicule are forms of healing. In 2021, she won the Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the Swiss Performance Award with the play Tous les sexes tombent du ciel. In 2018 and 2019, she was in residence in the spaces of Faap and PivĂŽ in SĂŁo Paulo (BR). She has shown her work in theaters and arts spaces such as the MusĂ©e Cantonal des Beaux Arts de Lausanne, Arsenic – Centre d’art scĂ©nique contemporain, TU-ThĂ©Ăątre de l’Usine and Tunnel Tunnel. She is a member of the translation collective BRASA. In Rome she will continue her research into the notions of shame, dirt and cleanliness as opposed to a context laden with the presence of the history of Christianity and the history of Fascism.

MarlÚne Charpentié is a visual and performance artist who completed the Work Master at HEAD (2022) and ESADSE (2019) and lives and works in Geneva. They develops dreamlike and humorous worlds by mixing genres and references. Her performance practise focuses on the staging of clownish and burlesque characters. She imagines these characters through illogical and unexpected associations, for example by combining stripping and the grotesque. She animates and brings to life her sculptures, which ultimately transform themselves, animated by a playful irreverence.
For her objects and stage sets, MarlĂšne uses reused materials or misappropriated objects and transforms them into absurd and poetic costumes, backdrops or artefacts, like a cabaret of the strange in which grotesque figures grimace. Between 2022 and 2023, they presented her work at Les Urbaines, Urgent Paradise (Lausanne), Soul2Soul (Geneva), Zabriskie Point x Limbo for Art au Centre (Geneva), La Placette (Lausanne), Halle Nord Capsule (Geneva), Backslash Festival (Zurich), Canale Milva (CH). In 2024, she presented her first theater piece: Un pied dans la merde, l’autre dans les Ă©toiles at the ThĂ©Ăątre de l’Usine (Geneva).

nitx. born in Rome in 1979, he is a transfeminist, anti-speciesist and freedom of movement activist. He cultivates artistic practice as a lifestyle and instrument of struggle. Since 2012 he has been performing in workshops and performances on the themes of gender, consent and sexuality, mixing theatrical, energetic, magical, erotic and playful techniques. PhD student in DIN in Gender Studies at the Aldo Moro University of Bari, he is the author of: “Killing Me Softly-Romanzo Frocio” (Agenzia X, 2022).

Mayara Yamada, born in Belém do Parå, Brazil, is an artist, performer, and DJ now based in Switzerland. Her research primarily focuses on performance art, while also engaging with photography, audiovisuals, theater, and music. She explores themes such as autobiography, the body, landscape, and memory, particularly investigating cultural codes and symbols of the Brazilian Amazon. Since 2010, Mayara has been practicing a trans-situ approach, translating elements of her culture into new contexts. She delves into the history of performance, questioning notions of recording, archiving, re-enactment, presence, and theatricality. Writing plays a significant role in her creations, appearing in various formats like dramaturgy, poetry, and autofiction. Currently, she intertwines her scenic-performative practice with her DJ sound practice in the Marara Kelly Art Show series, exploring pop culture, the figure of the pop star, and the sacred and profane in celebratory events in Brazil.



H14:00-18:00 ― Laboratorio: Lacrime di Arlecchino
Designed and led by nitx. The workshop will be held in Italian and is dedicated to individuals assigned female at birth, trans* individuals, and non-binary individuals.


H19:00-19:20 ― All together as one!
The performance by MarlĂšne CharpentiĂ© will be held in English. The performer uses a grumbling language to satirize power dynamics. Through captivating aesthetics, she portrays a real estate agent obsessed with modern symbols of power. Inspired by Diane Torr’s “Man for a Day,” CharpentiĂ© creates an angry and clownish character, subverting traditional gender roles.

H19:30-20:15 ― La Grande-Biblioteca-Bagnata-Umida-Lubrificata-Vergognosa
Performance by LĂ©a Katharina Meier in collaboration with Mayara Yamada, will be held in Italian and English. What is a collective practice of shame? Through this question, LĂ©a Katharina Meier, in collaboration with artist Mayara Yamada and various representations of shame experiences, invites to a performative sharing, still in process of elaboration, but promising to be a deeply embarrassing and engaging experience.
Concept, costumes, text and performance: LĂ©a Katharina Meier
Artistic collaboration and performance: Mayara Yamada
Sound Atmosphere: Serge Teuscher
Thanks to all the crew of Istituto Svizzero, Veronica Pecile, Camilla Paolino, Serena Bassi, Tatiana Baumgartner, Max LĂ©o Hauri, Margaux Lang
With the kind support of Affaires culturelles du Canton de Vaud, Association Arts Visuels Vaud, Ville de Lausanne and Canale Milva
The performance mentions sexual violence