Kinship in Transformation

Installation, Sound, Talk, Via Ludovisi 48, Roma

Art-Science series

Via Ludovisi 48, Roma
Installation, Sound, Talk

Art-Science series

Kinship in Transformation

The event will be held in English at H16:30 at Istituto Svizzero, via Ludovisi 48, Rome

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The narratives of kinship, love and networks of care are deeply rooted in the respective social structures and cultural systems. In the Western world and beyond, the definition and ideas of these concepts are closely tied to a capitalistic and heteronormative social structure that has furthered the maintenance of privileges for some, and the persistence of inequalities for others. Anthropology and history, critical theory, and gender studies, and many more disciplines deal with questions related to kinship, love, and reproduction. Likewise, artists propose new stories and definitions and, in their practice and research, subject the normative claims and classical canons to a re-reading.
This event invites artists and researchers, coming from different disciplinary backgrounds and artistic practices, to share their reflections and work, opening to alternative narratives and stories about kinship and love that can nourish fresh perspectives. How can we think about kinship in new terms and acknowledge its myriad possible forms and always changing nature? And thinking beyond human relations, what can the realm of interspecies relations tell us?

The event is part of the Art-Science series dedicated to the encounter between scientific research and artistic practices, curated by Maria Böhmer (Head of Science) and Gioia Dal Molin (Head Curator).


H16:30-17:40 ― PANEL 1: Alternative Storytelling and Networks of Care

the carrier bag theory of fiction, audio-video opera da Kamera Speculativa (2020, Radio India)
Industria Indipendente
, Performing and visual arts collective founded by Martina Ruggeri & Erika Z. Galli

Institutional greetings
Maria Böhmer, Istituto Svizzero
Gioia Dal Molin, Istituto Svizzero

Reframing the «Women’s Body ». Corporeality, Criticism of Capitalism and Bodily Politics in Left–wing Feminism around 1900
Mirjam Janett, University of Bern

Eclipse: Reading from a Carrier Bag Fiction.
Sarah Shin
, Writer, editor and curator



H17:40 ― Coffee Break



H18:00-19:10 ― PANEL 2: Interspecies Love

Yvonne Volkart, Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW

Bo Zheng, Artist (online)

Screening and conversation
Pumzi (2009) Wanuri Kahiu, Filmmaker (online)

Monica Gagliano, Southern Cross University, Australia

Open discussion

This panel is a cooperation with the Institute Art Gender Nature, Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW, with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF.



H19:15-20:15 ― PANEL 3: Bodies and Technologies

Secret Third Things: On Feminism, Technology, and Ghosts
Laura Tripaldi, Researcher and writer

Reproductive Geopolitics. On how to make visible the nexus of selective reproduction, technologies and politics
Laura Perler and Mirko Winkel, University of Bern

Eva Pauline Bossow, Zurich

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