ArCHeoM 2024

Archaeology, Conference, Via Liguria 20, Roma

H 09:30-19:30

Via Liguria 20, Roma
Archaeology, Conference

H 09:30-19:30

ArCHeoM 2024. Swiss Archaeology in the Western Mediterranean
The end of the Silver Age: The second half of the 6th century in the Mediterranean

The conferences will take place in French, English, and Italian at Istituto Svizzero, via Liguria 20, Rome.

Free entry, registration here

Every year, the Istituto Svizzero welcomes the archaeology departments of Swiss universities and offers a working and discussion platform to raise the profile of Swiss archaeological research in the Mediterranean region. This year’s conference will focus on the second half of the 6th century BC from a pan-Mediterranean perspective.

In the 8th and 7th centuries, the Phoenician and Greek colonies flourished in the western Mediterranean. At the same time, the emergence of a first Mediterranean koinè can be observed, linking Western elites with Eastern courts and Greek sanctuaries through the spread of orientalizing objects and iconography and the flow of metals from the Iberian Peninsula and the central Mediterranean to the East. This period seems to end in the course of the 6th century, and particularly in the second half, which is characterized by decisive events that have an impact on the “global” stage: The expansion of the Achaemenid Empire into the West, the emergence of Carthage as an autonomous power, the rise of the Roman Republic, the rise and fall of tyrannical regimes in Greece, including the ‘democratic revolution’ in Athens, and the crisis of the Tartessian world and the Phoenician colonies located far to the West. These events and forces open up a new era: the beginning of a different Mediterranean, characterized by new dynamics and production flows, the emergence of new networks and rivalries, the creation of new political systems and the emergence of new economic models. Are there causal links between Achaemenid domination in the eastern Mediterranean and the broader phenomena we observe in the central and western Mediterranean? The conference will examine this question from a trans-Mediterranean and interdisciplinary perspective.



H 09:30 ― Greetings
Joëlle Comé, Director Istituto Svizzero
Dr. Maria Boehmer, Head of Science Istituto Svizzero
Prof. Dr. Martin Guggisberg, University of Basel

H 09:45 ― Christophe Corona & Markus Stoffel, University of Geneva
Potential and limitations of dendrochronology to understand temperature and precipitation changes at the transition from the Roman Kingdom to the Roman Republic

H 10:10 ― Pauline Maillard & Véronique Dasen, University of Freiburg
Des moules et des frittes : du nouveau sur les interactions dans les ateliers de terres cuites et faïences de l’Égée archaïque 

H 10:35 – 11:00  Coffee break

H 11:00 ― Sylvian Fachard, University of Lausanne
The end of a great run: Eretria in the second half of the 6th century BCE

 H 11:25 ― Alessandro Pace, University of Basel
La caduta di Sibari (510 a.C.) e le sue conseguenze politico/culturali. Nuovi modelli interpretativi

H 11:50 ― Niccolò Savaresi, University of Basel
Lost in Translation: Vecchi e nuovi circuiti economici nella Magna Grecia tardo-arcaica

 H 12:15 ― Elena Mango, University of Bern
Wind of change? Himera, a piece of the puzzle in the big picture

 H 12:40 ― Discussion

H 13:10 – 14:45  Lunch

H 14:45 ― Christian Weiss, University of Bern
A Silver Based Economy in the West? – The Resilience of the Bronze Litra

H 15:10 ― Martin Mohr & Erich Kistler, University of Zurich, University of Innsbruck
‘Uccelli Persiani’ a Monte Iato nella Sicilia Occidentale? Un Commento sul Mondo Intrecciato del V secolo a.C.

H 15:35 ― Peter Attema & Barbara Belelli Marchesini, University of Groningen, Sapienza Università di Roma
L’epilogo della città latina di Crustumerium nel quadro dell’espansione di Roma

H 16:00 ― Coffee break

H 16:30 ― Hédi Dridi, University of Neuchâtel
Dopo Alalia. Il triangolo Cartagine-Sardegna-Ibiza

H 16:55 ― Othmar Jäggi, University of Lausanne
La culture ibérique dans la deuxième moitié du VIe et au Ve siècle avant notre ère

H 17:20 ― Discussion

H 18:00 ― Book launch
M. Böhmer, C. Bridel, I. Gullo (a cura di)
Archeologia Svizzera nel Mediterraneo occidentale.
Immagini, Oggetti, Pratiche e Contesti, Bibliotheca Helvetica Romana 40 (Basilea 2023)

H 18:45 ― Keynote lecture Prof. Dr. Michel Gras, Former Director at Ecole Française de Rome
Mobilità e scambi nel Mediterraneo del VI secolo

 H 19:30 Aperitif

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