Le Recueil des Miracles

Concert, Music, Palermo - Palazzo Butera


Palermo - Palazzo Butera
Concert, Music


The event will take place at Palazzo Butera, via Butera 8, Palermo.
Free entry, register here.

Le Recueil des Miracles is an ensemble.

Drawing freely from the effects of a tarantella, the musicians engage us with a desire to listen together. Over the course of the concert, strangeness and discomfort are embraced, leading to a shared release.

«First, there was a desire to look at sound and music and their role in possession rituals. We looked at Ernesto de Martino’s work on Tarentismo and the recordings made with Diego Carpitella in 1959. We discover how sound can be a real factor of social cohesion and how, should it be amputated, popular rituals would disintegrate, giving way to misunderstood follies and uprooted crises of madness. When it came time to attempt a performative form, we started with the intention of taking a first step and working exclusively with sound. We started with a very simple idea: to take the bagpipe, a traditional southern Italian instrument, and imitate its shrill timbre with different instrumentalists. We have since moved away from it, but this work has been the basis for anchoring the essence of the project».

With the participation of:

Laurent Bruttin – bass clarinets
Laurent Estoppey – saxophones
Anne Gillot – flutes
Anouck Genthon – violin
Antoine Läng – voice, harmonium
David Meier – drums
Louis Schild – harmonium
Claire Dessimoz – choreography

The event is curated by Louis Schild (former Fellow Istituto Svizzero, Palermo Calling).

Louis Schild (1991, Lausanne) is a musician who practices composition, interpretation and improvisation. For several years he has been practicing screen printing, which he communicates with his musical and sound practice through various editorial projects. As part of his protean projects, he collaborates with other artists, thinkers and architects. He considers music under the wider filter of sound and listening and develops it together with research on critical social and political aspects. During his residency in Palermo he focused on a comparative study of the timbres of possession rituals music in Antique Greece and in Southern Italy.