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Final event of the 2023/2024 Fellows & DJ set

Art, Residencies, Science

Final event of the 2023/2024 Fellows & DJ set

Istituto Svizzero presents SPEAKING NEARBY, the closing event of the 2023/2024 Fellows. Curated by Piersandra Di Matteo
A DJ set with Qursarina will close the evening.


21.06.2024 H18:30-24:00
Istituto Svizzero
Via Ludovisi 48, Rome
Free entry,
register here

Food and drinks will be available to purchase on site.
The event is also the occasion to see the group show On Love, on view within the spaces of Villa Maraini.

SPEAKING NEARBY is a concertation of theoretical postures and artistic gestures staged across the various spaces of Villa Maraini throughout the extended time of a long afternoon into the night. The title, borrowed from a conversation with the filmmaker, composer, and theorist Trinh T. Minh-ha, implies an indirect mode of speaking to allow other voices to be heard, to operate artistically in order to make space, and to engage in an intra-action with bodies, sounds, and other matters. Intended as an operational framework to explore an expanded notion of proximity, the researchers and artists in a 10-month residency at Istituto Svizzero present punctual emergences of their researches, revealing how ideas and things navigate through different protocols of encounters, the attunements with certain environments, the orientations connected with their own positioning, and the transformations that resonate within situated processes, enabling something to happen.

SPEAKING NEARBY is a device of coexistences, resonances, and interferences. It’s a journey amidst breaths emerging from sculptures blowing into the water, whispers close to concepts, bodily humors linked to shame and archives of pleasure, statements of feminist artists inquiring the dynamics of social reproduction. It’s an attunement with sonic grottos, with piano compositions by an Ethiopian mystic with a colonial history, with the Neo-pagan theories devoted to Olympic deities in the heart of the Middle Ages, and with voices entangled within the realms of law and the divine. It’s an encounter with ancient traditions invented out of thin air in an uncertain present and bored customs that move on their own, while elsewhere silkscreen prints interrogate clothing codes through the standardization inherent in every uniform.
It’s a dialogue with excrescences made of paper, glue, and other materials, in symbiosis with the façade of the Villa, with references to a peculiar funerary monument of a woman in 16th century Naples, with the obsolescence of neon advertising sign reshaped by artificial intelligence, with the random flickering of public lights in the nights of the Eternal City.

Download the final event map here



Jacopo Belloni
Il palazzo delle maschere e di altre vanità, 2024
Sculpture (mixed media)

Léa Katharina Meier
La Grande-Biblioteca-Bagnata-Umida-Lubrificata, 2024
Installation (drawings printed on fabrics)

La Grande-Biblioteca-Bagnata-Umida-Lubrificata, 2024
Installation (publication, sound, drawings printed on fabrics)

Chloé Delarue
TAFAA – SIGNAL (stupid affection), 2024
Sculpture (neon, metal, transformer)

Veronica Pecile
Echoes of Empire, 2024
Sound installation, in Italian

Sarina Scheidegger
Ululoszzhhh, 2024
Instruments (glazed ceramics, variable dimensions)

Simone Holliger
AmalgaMate, 2024
Sculpture (paper, glue, pigments and dammar resin)

Mia Sanchez
Strategies, 2024
Installation (screen print on textile)

Anna-Lena Wolf
Hearing What Isn’t Said, 2024
Sound installation, in English

Valentine Bernasconi
Flickering Mind, 2024
Installation (paper sheets, monitor)

Camilla Paolino
A Quella Dovete Dare Voce!, 2024
Sound installation, in Italian, English and French


Book launch of the collective publication
SPEAKING NEARBY (bruno, 2024), 30 min
Contributions by Fellows Roma Calling 2023/2024
More info on the book and to buy it online here

H19:45 and H21:30
Sarina Scheidegger

Ululoszzhhh, 2024
Performance, 12 min

H20:00, H21:00, H22:00
Jade Marie d’Avigneau

Reclining Caterina, 2024
Performance installation, 30 min

Léa Katharina Meier

La Grande-Biblioteca-Bagnata-Umida-Lubrificata, 2024
Reading, 20 min

Dj set by Qursarina

Fellows Roma Calling 2023/2024:

Jacopo Belloni (Visual arts, Performance)
Valentine Bernasconi (Digital visual studies)
Chloé Delarue (Visual arts)
Anthony Ellis (Classical Philology)
Simone Holliger (Visual arts)
Jade Marie d’Avigneau (Art history)
Léa Katharina Meier (Visual arts, Performance)
Camilla Paolino (Art history)
Veronica Pecile (Law, Social sciences)
Mia Sanchez (Visual arts)
Sarina Scheidegger (Performance)
Anna-Lena Wolf (Ethnology)

Read the biographies of Roma Calling 2023/2024 Fellows and curator here.

Qursarina is a young DJ from Kazakhstan who started her career in the underground scene of Almaty, Kazakhstan. After becoming an integral and active part of it, she decided it was time to broaden her horizons, so in 2021 she moved to Rome. In the capital, she became part of the underground clubbing scene, playing for Klang, Merende, Resistance is Techno, NTS X DIESEL, Nero, and many other events.