Concert, Sound, Roma

Live radio broadcasting & concerts in the garden
Entrance: via Ludovisi 48

Concert, Sound

Live radio broadcasting & concerts in the garden
Entrance: via Ludovisi 48


Istituto Svizzero, RTS Couleur 3 and Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation join forces to create a refreshing festival that includes a live radio broadcast and two concerts in the garden!

More than just the music experience, SOUND TALES combines art, sound, experimentation, and nature for an immersive week of music and storytelling.

Between the 22nd and 26th of May, our headquarter in Rome will host the radio station RTS Couleur 3 with a programme of unparalleled guests from the music and cultural world, including some of the Fellows of Istituto Svizzero (Grégory Sugnaux, Igor Cardellini, Marie Petersmann, Michelle von Dach), and the Director Joëlle Comé.

The week culminates with two concerts on the 25th and 26th of May offering an eclectic line-up amidst the nature’s surroundings of Istituto Svizzero.


Thursday 25.05.2023
H21:00 – System Olympia (IT)
H22:00 – Psycho Weazel (CH)
H23:00 – ROBERTA (IT)
Free entry, register here

Friday 26.05.2023
H21:00 – Valentino Vivace (CH)
H22:00 – Tatum Rush (IT)
H23:00 – Eva Geist (IT)
Free entry, register here 

Gates opening at H20:30.
Food and drinks available to purchase.
The concert is also the occasion to see Klodin Erb’s solo exhibition A different kind of furs, on view within the spaces of Villa Maraini.

Streaming available on Couleur3.ch, between 6-9 am and 4-9 pm, exceptionally on Thursday and Friday with streaming until midnight to coincide with the concerts.


H08:30 Grégory Sugnaux (Istituto Svizzero)
H16:00 KAZE (musician)
H17:00 Monika Schmutz Kirgöz (Embassy of Switzerland in Italy)
H18:00 Marco Güntensperger (Bruce Springsteen stage manager)

H08:30 Igor Cardellini (Istituto Svizzero)
H16:00 Calibro 35 (musicians)
H17:00 Bruno Bonomo (historian)
H18:00 StéphanieAloysia Moretti (Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation)

H08:30 Marie Petersmann (Istituto Svizzero)
H16:00 Bindu de Stoppani (actress)
H18:00 Antonino Galofaro (Le Temps)

H08:30 Michelle von Dach (Istituto Svizzero)
H16:00 System Olympia (musician)
H17:00 Psycho Weazel (musicians)
H18:00 ROBERTA (musician)

H08:30 Joëlle Comé (Istituto Svizzero)
H16:00 Valentino Vivace (musician)
H17:00 Tatum Rush & Eva Geist (musicians)
H18:00 Giona A. Nazzaro (Locarno Film Festival)

Organized in collaboration with Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation and RTS Couleur 3.


System Olympia is a prolific Italian London-based producer, song writer and vocalist, building a sonic world inspired by erotic literature, late night drives and dancefloor romance. A timeless sound defined by lush pads, dreamy synths, gritty drums and earworm melodies. Last year System Olympia released Delta of Venus LP, whilst her latest album, Always on Time, was listed on Pitchfork’s ‘29 Records You May Have Missed’.

Psycho Weazel are two sensitive boys struck by love at first sound. Their music, a jubilant blend of indie-dance, cold wave and EBM, is all about scorching dancefloors. They won’t settle for anything less than unadulterated joy.

ROBERTA is an emerging Italian Berlin-based dj. She had her debut in Berlin, Tbilisi, Barcelona and Athens and she made her first three podcasts for the labels Sonidos Subterraneos, Italo Moderni and Modular Expansion. A mix of New Wave, Synth-Pop, Pro-Italo to more Dancefloor EBM, 80’s electro and 90’s Trance define her sound.

Valentino Vivace grew up in Italian-speaking Switzerland and studied in French and German-speaking Switzerland: the resulting experiences led him to be inspired by a wide variety of genres and currents. This eagerness to experiment can be discovered in his songs, sometimes energetic and danceable, sometimes dreamy and nostalgic, compared by Valentino Vivace to his favorite drink, the Campari Spritz; aromatic and satisfying, refreshing and sweet.

Tatum Rush was born in San Diego, California, and raised in Switzerland in a melting pot of Italian, French and US culture. As a visionary artist and producer of Italian-Swiss American descent he is bold and kaleidoscopic, with a unique and fresh style, elegant and unmistakable, just like his music: a contemporary pop intertwined with R&B and disco chic influences.

Eva Geist is an electronic composer who has dedicated her life to poetry. After a classical education in piano and singing, she began a path of research and experimentation as a live performer and sound designer, finding important references in the Roman and Berlin underground. She is influenced by new age, electronic pioneers, synth pop and krautrock, Italo disco, experimental electronic music and psychedelic pop. She publishes for several international labels and has shared numerous collaborations.