Four Perspectives for the Blue Whale

Art, Event, Performance, Roma

Entrata: Via Liguria 20




Blue Whale

Art, Event, Performance

Entrata: Via Liguria 20

The Friday afternoons at Istituto Svizzero are dedicated to our residents. It is an opportunity for the public to learn more about the projects they are working on during this year’s residency.

Ian Wooldridge, currently in residence at the Istituto Svizzero, has invited Mohamed Almusibli, Harry Burke, and Marlie Mul to collaborate on an evening of readings and performances. Each participant will present new work that departs from the figure, or the cultural implications, of the blue whale.


H18:30 Welcome address

H18:40 Introduction – Ian Wooldridge

H18:50 Four Perspectives for the Blue Whale:

– Mohamed Almusibli
– Harry Burke
– Marlie Mul
Ian Wooldridge

The programme will be concluded by a convivial moment that invites for further discussion.

The talk will be held in English.

Accessibility: We provide a stair ramp for the entrance door and an elevator to reach the basement room.

Mohamed Almusibli is an artist and curator based between Zurich and Geneva. His work is distinctly interdisciplinary, using his own or found texts for installation, sound and video works, as well as performance. His writing is often the result of personal poetic anecdotes that find their way into a common space through questioning and depicting shared human emotions, beliefs and values.

Harry Burke is a critic and curator.

Marlie Mul is an artist whose art work manifests somewhere in between sculpture, painting, education, distribution, writing, branding, the social, and the virtual. Marlie Mul teaches in the MFA WorkMaster at HEAD (Haute Ă©cole d’art et de design) in Geneva.

Ian Wooldridge works with familiar genres, tropes and topics, dichotomies such as: Pornography and Boredom; Comedy and Depression; the Terror in Polite Aesthetics. He appropriates and re-works found material, skewing and queering media, unhinging the structures, narratives, vocabularies and spaces. Ian Wooldridge teaches in the BA Kunst und Medien, ZHdK (ZĂŒrcher Hochschule der KĂŒnste) in Zurich.