Sophie Jung, Elena Radice, Barbara Casavecchia & Cédric Fauq

Kunst, Vortrag, Online

Video of the talk now online
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Kunst, Vortrag

Video of the talk now online
With headphones

The artist talk with Sophie Jung, Elena Radice, Barbara Casavecchia and Cédric Fauq is part of a new series of events at Istituto Svizzero, Milano, entitled STATE OF MIND/STATO D’ANIMO.

Starting in autumn 2020 we will retrace the state of the art, the world and the soul through a series of events, which include screenings, dialogues, listening and workshops. STATE OF MIND/STATO D’ANIMO is also nurtured by the recent experience of the pandemic and lockdown, which has taught us, among other things, that reading opens up to new worlds, that people can be close to each other even through the Zoom platform or that taking care of oneself and others is redeeming. Moreover, if on the one hand this period has allowed us to focus, once again, on ourselves, on the other hand it has sensitised our eyes to new and re-evaluated aspects of life: our state of mind and the state of the world. We reflect on the issues that concern us and to which we want to devote ourselves; on the things we can do and what we want to learn; we ask ourselves in what world we live in and under what conditions we want to work. We are convinced that art and culture are fundamental in this context, as they ask questions and provide food for thought.

STATE OF MIND/STATO D’ANIMO’s events are linked to the exhibition programme of Istituto Svizzero, and also draw on other themes. Participating artists and other actors from the art world to the project, come not only from Switzerland, but also from Italy and the rest of the world.

„Unsetting“, a binaural video-documentation
by Enrico Boccioletti & Elena Radice





Sophie Jung’s exhibition Unsetting grew out of a collaboration between the artist and Elena Radice.  In a conversation with Barbara Casavecchia and Cédric Fauq, the two artists talk about the potential of artistic collaborations, about the coming together of sound and sculpture, or about the stories that the Christmas tree in a ballet tutu could tell.

During the talk Unsetting, a binaural video-documentation by Enrico Boccioletti and Elena Radice (duration: 18’17“) will be broadcasted. The use of headphones is recommended.

Sophie Jung (1982, lives and works in Basel and London) received a BFA from the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, and an MFA from Goldsmiths, London. She works across text, sculpture and performance. She’s invested in triggering a de-categorizing of concepts and a de-conceptualization of categories, hopes for unholy alliances, cross material solidarity and assemblages that defy resolution. In 2016 and in 2019 she won the Swiss Art Award and in 2018 she was the recipient of the Manor Kunstpreis. She exposed in Luxembourg, Prague, Zurich, Los Angeles, Basel, London among others.

Elena Radice (1987, lives, works and practices in Milano) holds a BA in Visual Arts / Sculpture from Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino, and an MFA in New Technologies of Art / Video & Cinema from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera; she has been an exchange student at WORK.MASTER of Haute École des Art et Design in Geneva. Her actions cut across different media, and are led by a strong interest towards open and dialogical aesthetic forms, greatly influenced by the dynamics produced by attentional economy and the Internet. Through the years, she started constructive and collaborative dialogues with numerous personalities.

Cédric Fauq (1992, works in Paris) works as curator at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Previously, he worked as curator of exhibitions at Nottingham Contemporary, which he had joined in September 2017, developing exhibition projects (Still I Rise: Feminisms, Gender, Resistance; Sung Tieu: In Cold Print; Grace Before Jones: Camera, Disco, Studio), performances (Okwui Okpokwasili; Steffani Jemison; Lou Lou Lou Sainsbury) and publications. He also writes, developing freelance projects, and he co-directed clearview.ltd in London (2016-2018); and was a member of the Baltic Triennial XIII curatorial team (2017-2018).

Barbara Casavecchia is a writer, independent curator and educator based in Milan, where she teaches at Brera Art Academy. Contributing editor for Frieze, her articles and essays have appeared in Art Agenda, Art Review, D/La Repubblica, Flash Art, Mousse, South/documenta 14, Spike, among others, as well as in artist books and catalogues. In 2018, she curated the exhibition Susan Hiller. Social Facts, at OGR, Turin. In 2020, she was a Mentor of the Ocean Fellowship, TBA21 Academy, Venice.

„Unsetting“, complete video of the talk: