Simon Senn

Performance, Theater, Roma

11.09.2020 H19:30
12.09.2020 H20:00

Performance, Theater

11.09.2020 H19:30
12.09.2020 H20:00

Istituto Svizzero is pleased to announce Simon Senn’s performance Be Arielle F., presented by the Swiss artist at the 15th edition of Short Theatre 2020.

Simon Senn aquired online a digital copy of a feminine body and he virtually searched the woman whose body he would have inhabited through virtual reality. He will stand on stage to describe his disquieting experience.

«WHAT CAN THIS BODY DO? I bought a digital copy of a feminine body for 12 dollars on the website www.3dscanstore.com. The file content consisted in one three-dimensional static and realistic representation of a young woman’s naked body. I used an online free software to give her digital bones, so that she was able to walk and move. Helped by numerous internet users from all over the world I developed an immersive motion capture system. I bought the equipment for virtual reality, sensors included, addressed to video games. I positioned the sensors on my body, wore the little helmet and I “became” the young woman.
After this disturbing experience, I looked for the woman on social media, using the hashtag #3dscanstore. I foung a selfie that she posted at the time of the scan. I contacted her and proposed her a meeting, she accepted. I went to her house in England and I recorded our encounter. We agreed to use the name Arielle for her».


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Location: La Pelanda – Studio 2, Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4, Roma
Duration: 1h
Language: French and English with subtitles in Italian

Simon Senn

Born in 1986, he is videographer and visual artist based in Geneva. He obtained a BA of Fine Arts at HEAD (Geneva) and an MA at Goldsmiths College (London). At first sight, Senn’s work can suggest that he is a socially engaged artist who fights against injustices. Looking at it more attentively, it comes to the surface an ambiguous approach. Even if his works are based on reality (up to a certain point), there is always a fictional layer in between. His works have been shown at Liverpool Biennial, at Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), at Kunstmuseum (Bern). He won numerous awards, such as the Swiss Performance Art Award, lo Swiss Art Award e il Kiefer Hablitzel Award.

Artist’s website.