Deborah-Joyce Holman

Kunst, Exhibition, Archivio Storico di Palermo

MON/FRI: H10:00-13:30
WED: H10:00-17:30
SAT-SUN: H10:00-17:30

Archivio Storico di Palermo
Kunst, Exhibition

MON/FRI: H10:00-13:30
WED: H10:00-17:30
SAT-SUN: H10:00-17:30

Deborah-Joyce Holman works with video, installations, sculptures, or paintings. For the exhibition Spill I-III, the artist developed a new three-channel moving image work, with an audio score by experimental composer Yantan Ministry. Through a free association of images on the screens (including lava rocks, flowing water and two mouths kissing), the viewer experiences a visual poem – as the artist calls it. It draws on Édouard Glissants idea of the trembling and archipelagic thinking, on the motif of the eruption or on the strategies of asemic writing, a wordless, an open form of writing that conveys no specific semantic content and can function beyond a purely linguistic sense. Spill I-III reminds us that we might need to rethink our perception of the world that surrounds us – with the notion of the trembling earth and the eruption in mind.

Curated by Gioia Dal Molin.
Please download the curatorial text here.

Archivio Storico di Palermo
Via Maqueda 157 
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Monday/Friday: H10:00-13:30
Wednesday: H10:00-17:30
Saturday-Sunday: H10:00-17:30

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Spill I-III
By Deborah-Joyce Holman

Conceived by Deborah-Joyce Holman and Tarek Lakhrissi
With some images directed by Tarek Lakhrissi
Featuring Nisha Ramayya’s poem Joy of the Eyes, published in States of the Body produced by Love (Ignota, 2019)
Performers: Phoebe Collings-James, Bernice Mulenga, Mawena Yehouessi
Director of Photography: Jim C. Nedd
Camera Operator: Antonio Annese
Sound Recordist: Sebastiano Caceffo
Producer: Letizia Gullo
Production assistant: Shantelle Palmer
Styling: Alice Lushima
Editing: Deborah-Joyce Holman
Colour Grade: Andrea Vavassori
Score: Yantan Ministry
Vocalist: Makeda Monnet, Deborah-Joyce Holman
Field recordings: Deborah-Joyce Holman
Mixing & Mastering: Fitzrovia Post
Special thanks: Clelia Bartoli, Canan Batur, Philipp Bergmann, Yann Chevallier Gioia Dal Molin, Thea Reifler, Marged Siôn, Maxim Young
Commissioned by Istituto Svizzero in co-production with Confort Moderne Poitiers, Nottingham Contemporary and Shedhalle Zurich, upon original proposition by Caroline Honorien

Deborah-Joyce Holman (1991) is a multidisciplinary artist based between London and Basel. In 2020-2022 they worked at East London arts organisation Auto Italia first as Associate Director then as Associate Curator. They were the founding director of 1.1, a platform for early-career practitioners in arts, music and text-based practices, with an exhibition space in Basel, which ran from 2015 to 2020. Deborah-Joyce Holman has curated the 2018 and 2019 annual group exhibitions for the arts and music festival Les Urbaines, Lausanne, presenting newly commissioned works by over 15 international artists. Deborah-Joyce Holman’s work has been shown internationally, including exhibitions at schwarzescafé, Luma Westbau, Zurich (solo, 2022); Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (2022); Centre culturel suisse, Paris (2022); The Shed, New York City (2021); 7th Athens Biennial (2021); La Quadriennale di Roma (2020); Material Art Fair, Mexico City (2020) among others.