Party STARTMilano

Kunst, Veranstaltung, Milano

In occasione dell’opening di Dunja Herzog. Laughter is usually the end of conversation



Kunst, Veranstaltung

In occasione dell’opening di Dunja Herzog. Laughter is usually the end of conversation

On Friday, 20 September, at 6.30 p.m., the Istituto Svizzero in Milan presents “Laughter is usually the end of the conversation”, a solo show by the artist Dunja Herzog (Basel, 1976).

From 10.00 p.m. through to midnight, during the opening of this exhibition, ISR hosts STARTMilano party, the event devoted to contemporary art that brings together the contemporary art galleries and exhibition spaces of the city.

During the party DJ-sets by TZAZIKY & CRACK (Tomboys Don’t Cry) and BORIS BECKER (THE TAKE AWAY TAPE) and live-sets by 18+ and AÏSHA DEVI will be presented.


Starting from the exam of the syncretic relationship between sound and sign proposed with the Draftsmen’s Fest last year, ISR ftilano presents an all-female music event, where resonances and performances are in a close relationship with the universe of vernacular codes and esthetic languages proper of the last decade network culture.

Born in the slopes of Mount Sappho, in the bay of  Skala Eressos, Tzaziky and Crack is a musical project of the artist Dafne Boggeri and the French writer Geraldine Sarratia. Arising from the ideal voicing of a martian ballroom T&C djsets move fluid, in a constant research of trails in precarious balance between present perfect and future perfect.

Maria Guggenbichler was born in Munich, Bavaria. She studied both a degree in Performance Research at Gießen Universität, Germany, and graduated in Fine Art’s at Dartington in England. Since 2010, Guggenbichler has been curator for Extrapool in Nijmegen, The Netherlands; from which she has organized various art and music events. Since 2009, Maria Guggenbichler has also been a regular host for The Take Away Tape, a radio show for experimental electronics on the English community radio station Soundart Radio.

Since 2011, 18+ has been anonymously releasing music and videos via their youtube channel 18plus18plus18plus. The first of which was used in collaboration with Steven Meisel for Prada’s Fall 2011 fashion campaign. Engaging art, music and fashion contexts equally, 18+ has recently performed at Art Basel, the Lithuanian/Cyprus Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, and for Mens Fashion Week in Paris, they presented a special collaboration with dancers from Le Crazy Horse.

Laying her Kate Wax moniker to rest, the enigmatic Aïsha Devi sets forth on a new adventure with Danse Noire, her own sanctuary-label and starting fresh releasing under her own name. Founded between Switzerland and France with some of her closest co-conspirators, Danse Noire’s aims to disturb the club. Aïsha Devi’s debut Aura 4 Everyone cements Danse Noire’s trajectory of exploring the musically untold and finding significance in the invisible. Shaped by Tibetan origins and a Berberian family, Aïsha Devi latest invokes those ancestral forces through the music’s origins in yoga and buddhism. Whether they are guttural or soprano, Devi’s warped pop mantras instruct us to find the unseen through a tense, visceral musical landscape that is often gnarled and industrial as it is danceable.