Cyber Security and Digital Vulnerability in Society

Conference, Roma/Online

Dispute series
Entrance: via Liguria 20


Dispute series
Entrance: via Liguria 20

The conference will be held in English at Istituto Svizzero in Rome and online. 

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Istituto Svizzero
Via Liguria 20, Rome
Free entrance

Cyber Security and Digital Vulnerability in Society
International Symposium as part of Dispute Series

Societies around the globe must rely on trustworthy information, and our knowledge societies in particular are increasingly based on digital infrastructures. State and non-state, public, and private users benefit from digital technology and services on a daily basis. At the same time, their data needs to be protected as risks of cyber-attacks, mis- and disinformation, and data abuse on the internet increase. This 2024 edition of the Dispute at Istituto Svizzero focuses on some of the many challenges that come with the use of digital technologies and their political, economic, and social-ethical implications in various fields. How can democratic societies and digital users (public, NGO, private, and individual actors) actively confront risks and harms, and deal with the digital dilemmas they face in their respective fields? What are practices, aims and future scenarios, at a national and global scale? Experts from diverse backgrounds will discuss digital potentials and risks, ‚Äď while building bridges between the very different fields of warfare, humanitarian action, and civilian use of the internet.

The annual Dispute series at Istituto Svizzero offers a platform for citizen engagement on globalization and the future of societies. Proposing a new topic every year, the forum aims to strengthen civic participation and public debate. Previous editions featured debates on migration, democracy, humanitarian law, the future of work, and overtourims.

In collaboration with the ICRC
With the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Italy

The event may be photographed and/or video recorded for archival, educational, and related promotional purposes. By attending this event, you are giving your consent to be photographed and/or video recorded.


H14:30 ‚Äē¬†Welcome Coffee

H14:45 ‚Äē Institutional greetings and introduction
Jo√ęlle Com√©
, Istituto Svizzero
Maria Böhmer
, Istituto Svizzero
Massimo Marelli, ICRC

H15:00-16:20 ‚Äē PANEL 1: Digital Transformation in Humanitarian Action
Developed in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross

Massimo Marelli, ICRC
Catherine Lennman, Delegate for International Affairs and Francophonie at Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC)
Alexandrine Pirlot de Corbion, Privacy International (online)
Max Lamesch, Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Giovanna Gnerre Landini, Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict / Uni.lu Diplomacy Lab
Moderation: Amb. Diego Brasioli

H16:20¬†‚Äē Coffee Break

H16:45-18:00¬†‚Äē¬†PANEL 2: Cyber Warfare and International Humanitarian Law
Developed in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross

Elena Kaiser
, Agency for national cybersecurity
Davide Giovannelli, The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (online)
Adriano Iaria
, Italian Red Cross
Mauro Vignati
Solange Ghernaouti, University of Lausanne (online)
Moderation: Mauro Vignati, ICRC

H18:00 ‚Äē Short break

H18:15-19:30 ‚Äē PANEL 3: Harmful information online: Misinformation, disinformation and hate speech

Tsvetelina van Benthem, University of Oxford
Morgane Bonvallat
, Public Discourse Foundation
Daniela Mahl
, University of Zurich
Jo√ęlle Rizk
Moderation: Stuart Campo, IOM