Concert, Roma

15.12.2018 H19:00
16.12.2018 H17:00
Entrance: via Liguria 20






15.12.2018 H19:00
16.12.2018 H17:00
Entrance: via Liguria 20

Istituto Svizzero is pleased to announce the third edition of XMAS Market | Music Festival which will take place in Venice (11-12 December), Milan (13-14 December), and Rome (15-16 December).

A week full of visuals, sounds and concerts. LPs of independent Swiss and Italian labels are for sale and much more: our music market will exhibit limited editions, merchandising, t-shirts, posters and other limited collection goods. Once again, we are excited to work together and promote the independent music scene, by creating special moments of encounter between the public, music lovers and producers.

For this year’s Milan edition, we will be hosted by O’, non-profit association, Milan.

In collaboration with Bad Bonn, DĂŒdingen (Daniel Fontana), Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation (StĂ©phanie-Aloysia Moretti), SoundOhm, O’ associazione non-profit Milan, and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council.

Media partner: ZERO

Swiss labels: Bongo Joe, Ous, WRWTFWW Records, three:four.

Italian labels: Lady Sometimes Records, Disasters by Choice, NO=FI Recordings

With the participation of Canedicoda.


15 December

H19:00 WRWTFWW – dj set
H19:30 GANESH GEYMEIER – live solo
H20:00 JULIAN SARTORIUS – live solo
H21:00 BONGO JOE – dj set
H21:45 PANDOUR- live
H22:30 OUS – dj set
H23:00 FURTHERSET – live

16 December
H17:00 WRWTFWW – dj set
H18:00 FELDERMELDER – live
H19:00 THREE:FOUR – dj set
H20:00 MIKE COOPER – live
H21:00 BONGO JOE – dj set
H22:15 MAI MAI MAI – dj set

from H22:00 till late


Largo Fiorentini 3, Rome

Bongo Joe is a 4 years old record store, café and label based in Geneva, Switzerland. The store offers a wide selection of all music styles on vinyl, cassette and books. The label provides a very personal catalogue of past and present music from all over the globe. Bongo Joe organises as well conferences, showcases, dj-sets and concerts at the store and in bigger venues in town.

Mike Cooper is a British musician based in Rome. For the past 40 years he has been an international musical explorer, performing and recording solo, and in a number of groups and a variety of genres. Initially a folk-blues guitarist and singer songwriter, his work has diversified to include improvised and electronic music, live music for silent films, radio art, and sound installations. He is also a music journalist, writing features for magazines, in particular on Pacific music and musicians, a visual artist, film and video maker, collector of Hawaiian shirts. His work appears on more than 60 records to date.

Feldermelder is a Swiss musician, sound designer, producer and installation artist. His influences range from the decomposed structure works of old pioneers of Electronic Music to more classic Jazz, electronic and analog music from the now, before and tomorrow. The diversity of the music that inspires him, finds reflection in his own sonic adventures, forming ever evolving sound, combining as map and compass to guide his artistic outbursts. His psychedelic live acts, played on a wide range of analog and controlled digital equipment, made him perform all over the world. Since 2015 he collaborates on audio visual installations with different collectives. The collaboration with the Visual Collective Supermafia let to a new show and to the creation of Encor. In 2015 he co-founded Shutter Music and -OUS Records. He was described as “the lost art of keeping a secret”.

Furtherset‘s music and live performances are an open invitation to immerse oneself into weightless states of mind. As a representative of the “Italian New Wave”, his approach to musical aesthetics is both demanding and pleasing: the depth and beauty unveil themselves only to those who listen closely. Furtherset was a participant of the 2015 Red Bull Music Academy in Paris and has played some of Italy’s most renowned festivals.

Ganesh Geymeier, who was born in Lausanne in 1984, is among the most sought-after saxophonists of his generation. Far removed from any kind of stereotype, he coaxes powerful, earthy tones from his instrument, usually a tenor saxophone, always giving them as much time as they need to unfold. He works with electronics and has toured with many projects, including Bad Resolution with Christophe Calpini and his new trio Ganesh Geymeier Trio. His inspiration comes from as far away as South Africa and India, and he produces also beautiful photographs and videos.

MAI MAI MAI. Since his childhood, he followed his parents around Europe and the Near East, assimilating the different cultures, atmospheres and sonorities of the places he was involuntarily taken to. This project is the transposition of those experiences into music and sounds: a mix of drone and ambient, steamy rhythmics, field recordings and sound-scapes.

NO=FI Recordings is an independent label based in Rome, Italy.
We put out vinyls and tapes. We like to release a lot of different music genres and bands/musicians. The attitude is what we care about. We are mostly focused on local musicians and artists, based in the so called “Roma Est”.

Ous is a new label based in Zurich and Milano for wonderfully crafted, electronic music ranging from electronica, over bass-infected beats and deconstructed techno to experimental pop.
The first infectious release came from Swiss veteran producer Bit-Tuner in December 2015. The new year will bring the vicious debut LP by IOKOI, an ablum by tortuous electronic producer FELDERMELDER and a delirious 7”-series with works by SENKING, Hirsch&Eigner.

Pandour. After experiences DJing, Luc Bersier and Michael Francey have pushed their sound exploration a bit further through production. They have integrated another dimension to their live performances : the Fribourg based band expands as they add two guitars to their line-up. With this addition, namely Adrien Clot and Simon Mozer, the equation is complete and Pandour was created. In April 2016, they will release their highly anticipated first EP Ursa Minor (Cheptel Records) : beats inspired by Deep House, are enriched with elements of Gnawa music, Jazz, Kraut and Afro funk for an enchanting result that will get you dancing.

Julian Sartorius. The beat has always been the defining element in the life of Julian Sartorius. Born in Thun (Switzerland), he began his first drum lessons at the age of five. With his rhythms pushing the boundaries of new music, hip-hop and a unique form of abstract electronica, Sartorius reveals the endless possibilities and range of his instruments. He often prepares his drums, works with unusual, unprocessed acoustic sounds and develops, beat by beat, an unheard environment of sound.

Camilla Sparksss. For You The Wild. The title of Camilla Sparksss’ first album says it all. A storm of instinctive, primitive electronic waves, cutting rhythms and scratching vocals. She grew up in a small town surrounded by the endless Canadian forest. All the energy of that vast wilderness, the float planes, the moose and the northern lights come together in Camilla Sparksss. With her first album she toured with John Spencer Blues Explosion across Europe, an odd but purely magical combination. Clearly defining Camilla Sparksss to be an electronic solo project with all the energy and grinding sweat that bursts from any of the best rock concert. October 12th 2018 saw the release of “Quasi Cool”, a post-summer single with cuttings hypnotic synths, Egyptian beats and a witty tribute to Vanilla Ice. It is the first single of her upcoming 2019 album Brutal.

three:four. Founded between Lausanne and Paris in 2008 by Arnaud Guillet and GaĂ«tan Seguin, three: four records initially worked on project series (10″ split, compilation) with limited and hand-numbered editions in which there was a special attention to graphics. Since 2010, the only active studio has been Lausanne, and the label has been producing albums. From January 2017, Maxime Guitton, programmer and music pioneer, named ali_fib joined three: four records. Up to today the label has released more than 40 albums (Norberto Lobo, Eric Chenaux, La Tene, Danny Oxenberg, Mike Wexler, Richard Youngs, etc.), including unprecedented collaborations such as Aaron Moore / Thierry MĂŒller or David Maranha / Helena Espvall. The editorial choices are in line with the musical tastes of its members, with genres ranging from ambient to folk, with sounds of repetitive, contemplative or revisited traditional music. Recently several artists produced by three: four have been reviewed by The Wire magazine.

WRWTFWW Records aka We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records is a Geneva-based label founded by Olivier Ducret (Mental Groove) and Stéphane Armleder (Villa Magica, The Genevan Heathen). It specialises in vinyl reissues of forgotten gems, movie soundtracks, and cult albums, with genres ranging from ambient to jazz, electronic, experimental, musique concrÚte, library music and more. Its most celebrated releases include Through The Looking Glass by Japanese percussionist Midori Takada and the original 1995 Ghost In The Shell soundtrack.