On the Threshold. Guidebooks and Visions of Rome

Table ronde, Summer Schools, Online

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Table ronde, Summer Schools

Online registration

The event will be held in English and it can be followed online on Zoom.
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On the occasion of the Summer School On the Threshold. Guidebooks and visions of Rome, a project by Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH), Istituto Svizzero hosts an open roundtable presenting the final results of the week of discussions and research.

The ways in which we experience the space of an unfamiliar city is defined and mediated by the physical thresholds that the city establishes upon us, such as walls, steps, and doors, but also crowds, topography and so on. Especially within the century-long tradition of architectural travelling, this mediation has been triggered and systematized by guidebooks. This form of literature projects visions of cities outside their borders, at the same time fixing these visions onto organized spaces, selected monuments, and established routes. As a result, the guidebook is itself both an object of scholarly study and a catalyst for a collective urban reconfiguration.

After an intensive and productive week of work and discussion on architecture, urban space, and its historical representations, we will conclude the Summer School On the Threshold. Guidebooks and visions of Rome with a final open roundtable. The event will be a further opportunity to critically reflect on the work carried out during the week, and on the historical relationships between the city, its architecture, and its media. Speakers include Prof. Maarten Delbeke (ETH Zurich), Dr. Sigrid de Jong (ETH Zurich), Dr. Anna Blennow (Göteborgs universitet) and Prof. Richard Wittman (UC Santa Barbara).

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The event is organized with the support of the Academia Belgica and the Biblioteca Hertziana.