Kunst, Einzelausstellung, Milano

Opening: 14.09.2021 H17:30
Fonderia Artistica Battaglia

Kunst, Einzelausstellung

Opening: 14.09.2021 H17:30
Fonderia Artistica Battaglia

The exhibition will be on view at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, Via Oslavia 17, Milan.
Free entry, face mask mandatory.

Opening: 14.09.2021 H17:30-21:00

Opening hours:

WED-FRI: H09:00-17:00
SAT: H11:00-19:00

Svuotatasche is Alfredo Aceto’s project conceived at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia during his residency Open Studio.

During this period, the artist had the opportunity to follow the whole production process, from the creation of the original model to the final patina of the work – also with the support of experienced craftsmen.

From the 15th to the 18th of September, Aceto will present a preview of three new bronze sculptures at the exhibition space of Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, accompanied by a poem by Thomas Liu Le Lann.

The project has been supported by Istituto Svizzero, Pro Helvetia and Galerie Lange + Pult.

Alfredo Aceto (Fellow Istituto Svizzero 2020/2021) was born in Turin in 1991, he lives and works in Lausanne since 2017. His settings are living spaces, where there is the possibility to find a certain melancholy, an artificial alteration of time and saturation of the image. He was a former student of Valentin Carron and Philippe Decrauzat at ECAL – Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, where he is currently teaching. He was exhibited at Museo del 900 in Milan, at Kunsthaus Glarus and at Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva. His work is represented by Andersen’s Contemporary (Copenhagen), Levy.Delval (Bruxelles), Galerie Lange + Pult (Auvernier, Zurich) and Parliament Unlimited (Paris). In 2018 he was a participant of the Swiss Art Awards in Basel.
Find out more about Alfredo Aceto’s project, read his latest contribution on the blog of Istituto Svizzero on the website of the Swiss daily newspaper Le Temps.

Thomas Liu Le Lann (b. 1994, lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland) is a multidisciplinary artist and poet. He was a former student of Lili Reynaud Dewar and Verena Dengler at HEAD – Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design Genève. Liu Le Lann is also co-founder and curator of  Cherish, a Geneva-based  project space, in collaboration with Ser Serpas, Mohamed Almusibli and James Bantone.