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Video recording of the talk now online
‘I venerdì pomeriggio’ series

Art, Résidences, Conversation

Video recording of the talk now online
‘I venerdì pomeriggio’ series

I venerdì pomeriggio
I venerdì pomeriggio at Istituto Svizzero is a series of events dedicated to our residents. It is an opportunity for the public to learn more about the projects that they are working on during their residency.

The event is curated by Alfredo Aceto (Fellow Milano Calling 2020/2021).

A conversation with Alfredo Aceto, Vincenzo Di Rosa and Anna Franceschini

«It seems that in the mid-1950s Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg were earning their living by setting up the shop window of Tiffany & Co on Fifth Avenue in New York. It also seems that they were ashamed of this « commercial » job. This is why they used to work under the pseudonym of « Matson-Jones Custom Display »».

Vincenzo Di Rosa – Flash Art Italy, 348, Mar-Apr 2020


«During my residency in Milan I am working on the dismantlement of idols and icons in relation to the world of objects. I consider a landscape in which everything is equivalent and in which we are not allowed to claim the condition of the object: where does it come from? Who is it for? Through what right, culture and cognitive process does it present itself to our eyes? The integrity of things was questioned already by the bodily changes in the early fifties. The hierarchy that ordered the world according to the principle of existing differences between things and their qualities has been fundamentally eradicated. In a flat world where nothing is more beautiful than something else, where the truth is no longer truer than the false and where everything has its place equally, the question of the device has become an urgent matter to me. The formal confusion that arises between archaic and contemporary is an engine for looking at the question of the display from a different perspective».

Alfredo Aceto, Fellow Milano Calling 2020/2021

Alfredo Aceto (Fellow Milano Calling 2020/2021) was born in Turin in 1991, he lives and works in Lausanne since 2017. His settings are living spaces, where there is the possibility to find a certain melancholy, an artificial alteration of time and saturation of the image. He was a former student of Valentin Carron and Philippe Decrauzat at ECAL – Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, where he is currently teaching. He was exhibited at Museo del 900 in Milan, at Kunsthaus Glarus and at Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva. His work is represented by Andersen’s Contemporary (Copenhagen), Levy.Delval (Bruxelles), Galerie Lange + Pult (Auvernier, Zurich) and Parliament Unlimited (Paris). In 2018 he was a participant of the Swiss Art Awards in Basel.
Find out more about Alfredo Aceto’s project, read his latest contribution on the blog of Istituto Svizzero on the website of the Swiss daily newspaper Le Temps.

Vincenzo Di Rosa is a critic and art historian. He is PhD candidate in Visual and Media Studies at IULM University in Milan and Visiting Research Scholar at the University of California (Irvine). He collaborates with Flash Art Italy and Flash Art Magazine.

Anna Franceschini was born in Pavia in 1979, she lives in Milan. She is a filmmaker and visual artist, currently PhD student in Visual e Media Studies at IULM University in Milan. Her work was presented in various film festival, such as IFFR / Rotterdam Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, Milano Film Festival and Courtisane Film Festival in Ghent. Personal exhibitions include: Kunsthalle Sao Paulo, GAM – Turin, Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Spike Island – Bristol, Museion – Bolzano, Fiorucci Art Trust – London, MACRO – Rome, Institut Culturel Italien – Paris, Peep Hole – Milan, Bielefelder Kunstverein, Kiosk Gallery – Ghent, Objectif Exhibitions – Antwerp, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa – Venice.