ENI’s « Disegno Africano”

Architecture, Projection, Conversation, Roma

‘I venerdì pomeriggio’ series
Entrance Via Liguria 20

Architecture, Projection, Conversation

‘I venerdì pomeriggio’ series
Entrance Via Liguria 20

The talk will be held in Italian. Entrance via Liguria 20.
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The event is curated by Giulia Scotto (Fellow Roma Calling 2020/2021) and is part of  the series of events ‘I venerdì pomeriggio’, which are dedicated to our residents. It is an opportunity for the public to learn more about the projects they are working on during this year’s residency.

The event will be in presence on Wednesday 16.06.2021 and will include a screening from 17:00 to 18:00 in the Sala Elvetica followed by a talk in the garden from 18:00 to 19:30. The talk will be held in Italian.

ENI’s « Disegno Africano”: images and imaginaries of a neo colonial expansion

In 1957 Enrico Mattei, president of Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI) launched the « grande Disegno Africano »: the project about the penetration of the African continent to conquer new resources and markets. Mattei realized his project through a series of diplomatic, political, econonomic, infrastructural strategies, as well as through propaganda. Starting from the screening of Al servizio dell’Africa, directed by Lionello Massobrio for ENI in 1970, the talk will delve into the visual aspect of « disegno Africano », from cinematic image to the architecture.

Giulia Scotto (Fellow Roma Calling 2020/2021) will moderate a conversation between Caterina Borelli (Filmmaker) and Maristella Casciato (Architect, Architecture Historian, Curator).



Giulia Scotto obtained an MA in Architecture of the City at the University of Venice in 2011. She worked as an architect, urban planner, and researcher in Zurich and in Rotterdam, as well as a consultant for urban and territorial projects. Since 2017 she has been a research assistant at the Department of Urban Studies at the University of Basel. In Rome she works on her doctoral thesis on the architecture and infrastructure of ENI in sub-Saharan Africa and on a documentary on the Agip Motel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Find out more about Giulia Scotto’s project, read his latest contribution on the blog of Istituto Svizzero on the website of the Swiss daily newspaper Le Temps.

Caterina Borelli graduated from the Whitney Museum Independent Studies Program in New York (1987/88). Using tools from anthropology, history and media, her work focuses on the interaction of people with the built environment. After working primarily in video/film, since moving back to Rome from NYC in the Fall of 2008 she has expanded her practice beyond the moving image. In 2002 she received a fellowship from the Graham Foundation for the film Asmara, Eritrea (2007) and in 2014 was a recipient of the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Residency Award. Since 2019 she has been in-charge of the MoroRoma image archive, a collection of social and political images that covers the 20th century.

Maristella Casciato is Architect, Architecture Historian and Curator. She is currently Senior Curator, Head of Architectural Collections at Getty Research Institute (Los Angeles, CA, USA). She taught at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Roma 2 and at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Bologna. She was visiting professor at MIT, at Harvard University and at Cornell University. She was the recipient of the Graham Foundation Publication Award in 2016 and she released various articles and essays on urban landscape, contemporary architecture and history of architecture.