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Ciclo di concerti



Art, Concert

Ciclo di concerti

The Swiss Institute in Rome presents Syncope, a musical program of five events to rethink reality and the cognitive processes with which we decipher and represent it. Challenging traditional models of production and enjoyment of music, Syncope puts the accent on contemporary artistic experiences that break the circle of harmony and tradition. The first two events will be held in Rome at the Sala Elvetica of the ISR: TAM TUUMB!, Sunday 24 March 2013, offers live sets and performances for the centennial of the publication of “L’arte dei rumori” by Luigi Russolo, while Noir, Friday 12 April, is a concert in the dark, where the lack of light gives rise to unusual sonic images.


Syncope comes from the idea of occupying a precise space, that of “suspension”. While in music syncope is a term for a particular rhythm caused by the shifting of accents, in literature it is a figure of speech that gives rise to poetic forms, while in medicine it is a sudden loss of consciousness and posture: a multiplicity of meanings that actually conceal points of contact. Through an osmotic process in which cultured languages mingle with so-called lower languages, formal languages mix with informal ones, the program will shift towards a common ground, with the idea of experiencing a new social dimension capable of bringing together different cultural needs and different audiences. The aim is not to make differences meet on a generic plane, but to conserve them, accenting them and, if anything, challenging them through forced reinterpretations that take the impulse of excess conserved by art into account. In this way, Syncope will challenge genres and linguistic codes, forcing places, times and dynamics of production, performance and listening.

TAM TUUUMB! Cento anni di Arte dei Rumori
Coordinated by Francesco de Figueiredo and Valerio Mattioli
Sunday 24 marzo, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Sala Elvetica, 4.30 – 12.00 pm
Live sets and performances by: Antoine Chessex, Die Schachtel, Aaron Dilloway, Andy Guhl, Cut Hands, Dave Phillips, Skullflower, Teho Teardo
Media Partners: RAI Radio 3, Blow Up, ZERO, Vice, NERO

Coordinated by Denis Schuler and conceived by Ensemble Vide
Friday 12 Aprile, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Sala Elvetica, 9:00 – 12:00 pm
Ensemble Vide: Céline Hänni (vocals), Anna Spina (viola), Anna D’Errico (piano), Denis Schuler (diffusion)


Coordinated by Denis Schuler
Saturday 4 May, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Villa Maraini, 2:30 pm
Quartetto Black ftountain: Cristiano Serino (violin I), ftervit Nesnas (violin II), Riccardo Savinelli (viola), Alfredo ftola (cello)


La Piazza
Coordinated by Denis Schuler June, Roma
Roman groups and musicians


Missing Objects
Coordinated by Denis Schuler and Ensemble Vide June, Roma
Ensemble Vide: Adaline Anobile (performance), Saria Convertino (accordion), Rudy Decelière (sound installations), Noémie Etienne (consulting, art historian), Lucia Piccioni (lecture, art historian).
With the technical support of AftEG (Geneva)