Direct democracy and the European Unification process

Présentation livre, Table ronde, Florence/online

Online registration

Présentation livre, Table ronde

Online registration

The event will be held in English and it will take place at H11:00, Central European Time (CET).
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Direct democracy and the European Unification process

What is the role of referenda in the advancement of European Unification? Why do some EU member states employ them to decide about EU matters whereas others do not?
Focusing on the case of Italy and its oft-neglected 1989 « Referendum for Europe”, Professor Georg Kreis (University of Basel) delves into these questions in his latest book titled Why Italy Was For Europe: On the History of the 1989 Advisory Referendum (Schwabe Verlag).
The Swiss Chair, together with the Embassy of Switzerland in Italy and the Istituto Svizzero present a roundtable discussion on these issues, building on the insights of Professor Kreis’ book.

The event is organised under the auspices of the European Governance and Politics Programme of the Robert Schuman Centre, in collaboration with Cluster of Democracy in the 21st century. It will take place in Florence at the EUI – European University InstituteVilla Schifanoiain Sala Europa. 


Georg Kreis, Institute for European Global Studies, University of Basel
Francesca Piazza, Segretario della Commissione Affari esteri e comunitari della Camera dei deputati.
Daniele Caramani, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute
Lucy Riall, Department of History and Civilization, European University Institute

The event will start with a brief Address by the Swiss Ambassador in Italy, Rita Adam, and the Director of Istituto Svizzero, Joëlle Comé.

The discussion will be also available online and will be moderated by Professor Dinas, Joint SPS/RSC Swiss Chair in Federalism, Democracy and International Governance, European University Institute.