Art, Concert, Performance, Roma

H18:30 Entrance: Via Ludovisi 48
H22:00 Limited capacity, entry on a first come first served basis





Art, Concert, Performance

H18:30 Entrance: Via Ludovisi 48
H22:00 Limited capacity, entry on a first come first served basis

Istituto Svizzero, in collaboration with Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale, is pleased to present an evening of Swiss and Italian performances which will take place in the garden of Villa Maraini. Pamina de Coulon (CH), Oliver Roth (CH), Christelle Sanvee (CH), Maria Violenza (IT), and Sequoyah Tiger (IT) are performers, musicians, thinkers or all of the aforementioned. All belonging  to a philosophy which is, in some way, assumed and rumoured, this band’s voice questions and creates calls which address the present, refusing to get carried away by the sea.

From Palermo’s squats to the desolate lands of Verona, from the outskirts of Bern to the fiery palms of Villa Maraini, SOLO YOLO is a solitary crossing to remind ourselves all together, that you only live once, hurray!

The programme has been curated by Laurence Wagner (Fellow 2018/2019).

Performances – Garden

H19:00 Oliver Roth, While you were dead – Short Garden Version
H20:00 Pamina de Coulon, Le palme in fiamme
H21:00 Christelle Sanvee, Scusi, where is le chùteau? 

Concerts – Sala Elvetica

H22:00 Maria Violenza
H23:00 Sequoyah Tiger

Please note that the second half of the programme (concerts), which will take place in sala elvetica, has a limited capacity of space. Entry on a first come first served basis.

Oliver Roth works in performing arts, choreography, dance, and theater. Since 2016 he’s creating his own longer performances. With the working method “A social convention” he transfers historically loaded encounters (e.g. funeral, birthday) into spaces of art.
Amongst others, he collaborated with Martin Schick, Cosima Grand, Balz Isler, Miriam Schulte and groups like vorschlag:hammer and Henrike Iglesias. With his own work and with collaborations he was shown on institutions and festivals like Gessnerallee ZĂŒrich, Tanzhaus ZĂŒrich, Ballhaus Ost Berlin, far° festival Nyon, Auawirleben Festival Bern, Theater Oberhausen, zeitraumexit Mannheim, JournĂ©e photographiques de Bienne, Manifesta 11, ROXY Birsfelden, SĂŒdpol Luzern, Treibstoff Theatertage Basel, Urgent Paradise Lausanne, FĂȘte du ThĂ©Ăątre GenĂšve and more. With his work ME TIME! he was one of the finalists at the emerging dance and theater price PREMIO in Switzerland in 2017. Besides he worked as a curator for transform Bern, ROXY Birsfelden and Kunsthalle ZĂŒrich.

(1987) is a Swiss author and performer. 
She first developed her performance work in the ART ACTION department of the Geneva Haute Ecole d’art et de design. She then went to Brussels where she began a 5 years residency at L’L (lieu de recherche et d’accompagnement
pour la jeune création) as well as a master in Cultural Management. Since 2014, she is working at a wide research project called FIRE OF EMOTIONS, a multiform and ambitious project based on the warm joy of critical theory.
Two piece already emerged from the saga and are still touring: FIRE OF EMOTIONS: GENESIS (2014) and FIRE OF EMOTIONS: THE ABYSS (2017) and she is writing the 3rd one as we speak.
For 3 years, Pamina was as well COartistic director of the BÂTARD Festival alongside Dries Douibi and Michiel Vandevelde in Brussels.
Her performances are best described as spoken essays in which she shares her practice of “dehierarchy of knowledge” rather than imposes her knowledge as an expert or a classic lecturer.

Davide-Christelle Sanvee
(1993, Switzerland /Togo) is a performance artist who focuses on spaces and staging. Investigating individuals in public space, she hunts for architectural, behavioural and gestural elements to create scenographies that fully surround her spectators.  In order to activate these new spaces Sanvee uses historical, collective memory and performative actions built around political and social realities.

She obtained her bachelor degree from the University of Art and Design of Geneva (HEAD) in 2016. She is actually doing her master at the Sandberg Institut of Amsterdam.

Maria Violenza. Sicilian born she now lives in Rome. Maria Violenza is part of the collective Grand Triple Alliance Internationale De L’Est, besides being part of the projects Capputtini’i Lignu and Corpus Christi. Maria Violenza draws gone wrong landscapes armed with a synth, her voice and little else.

Sequoyah Tiger is a musical project created by Leila Gharib from Verona, Italy. Her debut album “Parabolabandit”, out in 2017 on the Berlin label Morr Music, takes us into the world of her dark imagination, which grew from the legacy of the finest pop, then went exploring and experimenting. Sequoyah Tiger spans and combines the languages of past and future, channeling ’50s doo-wop and ’60s vocal melodies through modern recording gear, combining often processed and definitely catchy vocals with a dreamy, trippy froth of synthesizers, subtle guitars, drum-machine and additional hidden sounds to create a multi-layered sonic braiding. On stage, she’s joined by dancer Sonia Brunelli, with whom she has been building an artistic dialogue started in 2008 with the foundation of the performing arts group Barokthegreat. The two artists create together a sound dramaturgy of the live performance that aims to raise the vision of music through dance, and through an iconography that completes this precious multi-disciplinary music work.