September Calling

Concert, Presentation, Residencies, Roma

Entrance: via Ludovisi 48

Concert, Presentation, Residencies

Entrance: via Ludovisi 48

On the 27nd of September, Istituto Svizzero welcomes the 2024/2025 Fellows selected for the residencies in Roma, Milano and Palermo!

For this year’s opening event September Calling, we bring together artists and researchers from the fields of visual arts, architecture, dance, archaeology, cultural studies, literature, music and film.

On this occasion, the stunning garden of Villa Maraini will open to the public for an evening of concerts, which will see emerging brilliant talents naïma, Siselabonga on stage and a Dj set by Turbolenta

Organised in collaboration with Moods Club Zurich.


H17:30 — Presentation of the Fellows (by invitation only)

H21:00 — Concert with:

Dj Set with:

Free entry, register here. (up to maximum capacity)
Drinks will be provided upon purchase.

Istituto Svizzero
Via Ludovisi 48, Rome


Roma Calling
Vittorio Brodmann (Visual arts)
Maria Silvia D’Avolio (Architecture)
Clara Delorme (Dance)
Angela Gigliotti (Architecture)
Selin Gür (Archaeology)
Alexander Kamber (Cultural Studies)
Hunter Longe (Visual arts)
Noha Mokhtar (Visual arts)
Alessandro Pecoraro (Literature)
Domenico Singha Pedroli (Visual arts, Film)
Luca Piccoli (Architecture)
Julian Pollina (Music)
Niccolò Savaresi (Archaeology)
Ambra Viviani (Visual arts)

Milano Calling
Silvia Balzan (Architecture)
Nina Kerschbaumer (Film)

Palermo Calling
Dominik Müller (Architecture)
Aramis Navarro (Visual arts)

Palermo Calling/Curator
Elisa Pezza

Palermo Calling/Art & Science
Fabrizio Furiassi (Architecture)
Maria Rapicavoli (Visual arts)

Read the 2024/2025 Fellows’ biographies here.

The event may be photographed and/or video recorded for archival, educational, and related promotional purposes. By attending this event, you are giving your consent to be photographed and/or video recorded.

naïma, a Swiss artist, known for her captivating solo performances, seamlessly blends reggae, indie-soul, and jazz in her music. Following several successful singles and collaborations, she released her debut album «Roots» in December 2022, which received widespread acclaim in the media.

Siselabonga is a collaborative platform and creative vehicle brought to life by Swiss percussionist Fabio Meier. It was created with the intent to facilitate deep dialogue and intense sonic exchanges with other musicians, visual artists, and performers. By design, everything about the project is in flux: who takes the creative lead, the band configuration, and where the project decides to „pitch its tent“ at any given point in time. Some of the Siselabonga collaborators and family include: Nongoma Ndlovu, Fabio Meier and Louis Cesar Ewande. Siselabonga is a word created from the mash up of “si, c’est bon” (French for ‘that’s good’) and siyabonga (Zulu for ‘thank you’). Last year Siselabonga dropped a new EP titled In Stone.

Turbolenta ليىل was born from the need to bring together and question different cultural identities within a single musical expression. Traditional North African and Arabic tunes take up space in the clubs. Turbolenta ليىل embarks on a narrative that speaks of the childhood of North Africans and Arabs, giving space to the present and accompanying us towards the future. The focal point for it is to bring to light the particularity of the genres it plays, but also to observe its similarities with the rest of the world.

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