Sleep and Emotion

Conférence, Science, Roma

11.12.2023 H09:30-19:00
12.12.2023 H09:30-16:30
Entrance: via Liguria 20

Conférence, Science

11.12.2023 H09:30-19:00
12.12.2023 H09:30-16:30
Entrance: via Liguria 20

The conference will be held in English at Istituto Svizzero, via Liguria 20, Roma. Free entrance.
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Sleep and Emotion
A multidisciplinary investigation of human health and well-being

Sleep and emotion-related processes are crucial aspects of human health and well-being. The interaction between sleep and emotion is complex, and recent research has shown that sleep disruptions can negatively affect emotional regulation, cognitive function, and physical health. The Sleep and Emotion conference at Istituto Svizzero in Rome brings together experts from France, Switzerland and Italy to share ideas and discuss the latest advances in this area of research.

The conference is developed through four panels that focus on various topics. The themes covered can contribute to a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms and interactions between sleep and emotions – an insight that could pave the way for advances in theoretical models, research methodologies, and the discovery of potential therapeutic interventions. Indeed, studying the relationships between sleep, emotion, and cognition may have direct implications for clinical practice. By examining the impact of sleep on emotional regulation, cognitive function, and mental health, research conducted in these areas can contribute to public health initiatives, sleep education, and strategies to promote healthy sleep habits and overall well-being.

Closing the first day, artist duo Gray Cake (Alexander Serechenko and Ekaterina Pryanichnikova) will present the results of their work on the Dreams of the machine project, which was created in 2021 together with a group of scientists from the Sleep and Cognition Neuroimaging Laboratory, University of Geneva. Based on research into how memory works and the possibility of reconstructing memories using fMRI, the artists worked on the theme of reconstructing dreams also using fMRI and neural networks. This idea formed the basis of their project, which is currently in the work-in-progress stage. The work, created in collaboration with scientists, revolves around questions as: can «strong artificial intelligence» imitate the characteristics of human consciousness? What about the unconscious? What mediums and technologies can artists and scientists use to answer these questions? The artists will present video art created using AI tools. The basis for it was a database of people’s dreams recorded in text. The second part of the project is a book. The ongoing project based on research in the field of dream reconstruction using fMRI will also be presented.


Monday 11.12.2023

SESSION 1: Sleep: Cognition and Emotion

H09:30 – Keynote: Thomas Andrillon, Origins of sleep intrusions in wakefulness and their cognitive consequences
H10:00 – Célia Lacaux, Wake up, sleeping muse! Investigation of sleep onset as a cognitive and neural state promoting creativity
H10:15 – Giulia Avvenuti, Local sleep-like activity and emotion regulation failures
H10:30 – Kevin Mammeri, Gender-specific Trends in Sleep Patterns and Memory Function in School-Aged Children: Insights from a Real-Life Setting with EEG Analysis

H10:45-11:00 – Coffee break

H11:00 – Francesco Pietrogiacomi, Experience-dependent modulation of sleep-related mental activity
H11:15 – Demetrio Grollero, Brain reactivity to nonverbal emotional vocalizations during NREM sleep
H11:30 – Alison MontagrinRewriting the Past: Reconsolidation of emotional episodic memories
H11:45 – Kinga Igloi, Exploring exercise effects on memory and future research on elite athletes’ sleep patterns and cognitive functions

H12:00-14:00 – Break

SESSION 2: Dream and Emotion

H14:00 – Keynote: Lampros Perogamvros, The Theater of Dreams
H14:30 – Valentina ElceThe cartography of dreams: application of computational linguistics to the study of sleep conscious experiences
H14:45 – Bianca Pedreschi, REMEDY: Memory REactivation during sleep as a tool to Modulate oneiric Experiences and investigate the role of Dreams in memorY processing and emotional regulation. Stage of work: odors selection pilot

H15:00-15:30 – Coffee Break

H15:30 – Short talks:

Laure Colin, Architecturally modified sleep and emotional episodic memory: an fMRI study
Alice Clerget, Enhancing imagery rehearsal therapy for idiopathic nightmares with targeted memory reactivation
Audrey Theux, Augmentation of Imagery Rehearsal Therapy with Targeted Memory Reactivation for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Saskia Czura, Imagery Rescripting and Targeted Memory Reactivation in Insomnia Disorder

H15:50 – Giorgia Bontempi, Dream recall and content in RBD patients
H16:05 – Davide MarzoliChanges in brain activity upon stimulus-induced awakening predicts subsequent dream recall

H16:20-16:50 – Q&A moderated by Sophie Schwartz

H17:00-19:00 – Art-Science presentation by Alexander Serechenko and Ekaterina Pryanichnikova


Tuesday 12.12.2023

SESSION 3: Methods in Sleep research

H09:30 – Keynote: Delphine Oudiette, Asleep and aware? Transient windows of behavioral responsiveness to the external world during sleep
H10:00 – Adriana MichalakExploring the spectrum of sleep-related mental activity during NREM sleep: there is more than what meets the eye
H10:15 – Ruggero BasanisiSource reconstruction on a sleeping brain
H10:30 – Damiana Bergamo, Cortical and subcortical hemodynamic changes associated with slow wave occurrence

H10:45-11:00 – Coffee break

H11:00 – Keynote: Marzia De Lucia, Cardio-audio and sensory regularity encoding in conscious and unconscious states
H11:30 – Andria Pelentritou, Cardio-audio processing in human wakefulness and sleep
H11:45 – Leila Salvesen, Lucid dream induction using wearable EEG and dream engineering toolbox: a multi-center study

H12:00-14:00 – Break

SESSION 4: Sleep and Emotion: clinical aspects

H14:00 – Keynote: Virginie SterpenichSleeping on Rewards: Exploring Memory Reactivation in Healthy Individuals and Narcoleptic Patients
H14:30 – Maeva MoyneImpact of Motivation and Motor Function on Sleep Quality and Motor Learning in Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
H14:45 – Isabella De CuntisUnraveling the sensory – deprived brain through the lens of sleep patterns

H15:00-15:30 Coffee break

H15:30 – Laura RiontinoSleep deprivation alters affective and neural responses to erotic stimuli in heterosexual males
H15:45 – Guilliaume Legendre, Targeted neural fatigue applied to human perception

H16:00 – Q&A, moderated by Giulio Bernardi

H16:15 – Closing remarks