Il ruolo degli archivi grafici

Conférence, Roma

Curated by m.a.x museo


Curated by m.a.x museo

The conference will be held in Italian at H18:00 at Istituto Svizzero, via Liguria 20, Rome.
Free entrance, register here.

The role of contemporary graphic archives for an appreciation of the history of graphic and communication

Istituto Svizzero hosts a lecture curated by the m.a.x. museum in Chiasso as part of the program of collateral events to the exhibition ORIO GALLI, graphics and graphisms, curated by Mario Piazza and Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini (Chiasso, April 30, 2023-October 08, 2023).

The current exhibition in Chiasso presents the first anthological exhibition of the 50-year career of Ticino-based designer Orio Galli (1941), with a display consisting of more than three hundred pieces including sketches, sketches, watercolor drawings, letterheads, posters, postcards, various publications and artist’s books. A graphic designer, painter, and teacher of calligraphic art, illustration, and graphic design, Orio Galli has been able to use a personal creative language aimed at an aesthetic research not separated from an ethical commitment.
The artist donated his vast archive to the m.a.x. museum (more than 10,000 pieces), which then became part of the Chiasso Cultural Center’s art collection. The exhibition also illustrates the link between Orio Galli and the Italian design of Bruno Munari and the Monte Olimpino School of Graphics, along the cultural axis that ideally unites Switzerland and Italy; the same link is further recalled in the Italian capital through a Swiss showcase.

The occasion of the conference is an important signal of the willingness to witness the Canton of Ticino’s ability to ‘make culture’ abroad as well, and to promote cultural projects in synergy with important public institutions and international loans. The different voices of the speakers will explore, also through the projection of images, the theme of the role of contemporary graphic archives and the importance of preserving, studying and making available to the public the graphic ‘knowledge’ that underlies the history of communication.


H18:00-18:10 ― Joëlle Comé, Director Istituto Svizzero, institutional greetings

H18:10-18:30 ― Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini, Director m.a.x. museo Chiasso, Gli archivi di grafica contemporanea testimoni del sistema della Comunicazione, il caso della mostra ‘Orio Galli. Grafica e grafismi’

H18:30-18:45 ― Michele Amadò, professor Università della Svizzera italiana, secretary AdA, L’Archivio dell’artista

H18:45-19:00 ― Flavia De Sanctis Mangelli, Head of Ufficio Editoria MAXXI, Pubblicare i materiali degli archivi

H19:00-19:30 ― Discussion

Moderation by Raffaella Castagnola Rossini, Director DCSU, Divisione della cultura e degli studi universitari, Dipartimento dell’educazione, della cultura e dello sport del Cantone Ticino