Christy Doran alla Casa del Jazz

Concert, Roma

Casa del Jazz – Viale di Porta Ardeatina 55





Casa del Jazz – Viale di Porta Ardeatina 55

Christy Doran – acoustic guitar – at the Casa del Jazz

He is one of the most experienced and original improvisors, and has been a well-known figure in European jazz for many years now. Christy Doran tirelessly metabolizes ideas and sounds, and in his new solo project, he explores the acoustic guitar by bringing together echoes from different regions. The determination of sound and genre boundaries moves more and more towards lands of vivid imagination.

In collaboration with the Casa del Jazz, Rome and New Echoes – Rassegna di Nuova Musica Svizzera a Venezia. Supported by the Consolato generale di Svizzera a Milano and the Fondazione svizzera per la cultura Pro Helvetia.

Tickets available at the Casa del Jazz.


Christy Doran was born in Dublin (Ireland) and has lived in Lucerne (Switzerland) since his childhood. His father was an Irish ballad singer, providing Christy with his first exposure to music.
In the 1970s he was a founding member (along with Fredy Studer, Urs Leimgruber and Bobby Burri) of the seminal Swiss band “OM”. Tours throughout Europe, radio/TV-appearances, workshops, music for ballet, theatre and film. Over the years, his career has included countless solo concerts, in which he regularly pushes to the limits the capabilities of a single guitar. He has played in duos with Marty Ehrlich, Harry Pepl, Fritz Hauser, Dave Doran, Dom Um RomĂŁo, John Wolf-Brennan, Robert Dick, Ray Anderson, among others. After playing in a trio with Jasper vanÂŽt Hof, he went on to form the “Christy DoranÂŽs May 84” septet with Norma Winstone, Trilok Gurtu, Urs Leimgruber, Rosko Gee, Dom Um RomĂŁo and Dave Doran. He has been a member of the “Peter Warren Quartet” with Victor Lewis and John Surman, and “RED TWIST & TUNED ARROW” with Stephan Wittwer and Fredy Studer (1985 – 1987).

Christy Doran was also a co-founder of “Doran/Studer/Burri/Magnenat,” (later “Doran/Studer/Gerber/Magnenat”) and member of a quartet with Bobby Previte, Mark Helias and Gary Thomas. He played in a trio with Marilyn Mazur and Kim Clarke, as well as with Sibylle PomorinÂŽs “Augeries of Speed” meeting Terry Jenoure, Annie Whitehead, Kim Clarke, Herb Robertson, and Kamal Sabir. As a member of Urs LeimgruberÂŽs “Ensemble Bleu” he also played with Françoise Kubler, Louis Sclavis, Hans Koch.
Other performances have included work with Carla Bley, Albert Mangelsdorff, Bob Stewart, Edward Vesala, Charlie Mariano, Manfred Schoof, IrĂ©ne Schweizer, Aldo Romano, PiĂ©rre Favre, Peter SchĂ€rli, Glenn Ferris, Wolfgang Dauner, Fernando Saunders, Heiri KĂ€nzig, Julio Barreto, Sonny Sharrock, Jim Meneses, Kevin Bruce Harris, Martin SchĂŒtz, Daniel Mouton, Ronan Guilfoyle, Marc Peterson, Burhan Öçal, Werner LĂŒdi, Christoph Baumann, Lars Lindvall, Mark Halbheer, Urs Blöchlinger, GĂŒnter MĂŒller, Lauren Newton, Tim Berne, Jim Black, Gunther Schuller, Airto Moreira a.o. He has toured in Europe, North-Africa, India, the Caribbean, Mexico, Bolivia, the U.S. and Canada.