Intrecci globali e retaggi coloniali in Italia

History, Workshop, Roma

Further information coming soon

History, Workshop

Further information coming soon

Global entanglements and colonial legacies in Italy: Strategies of public history between universities, museums and movements 

For centuries, the Italian peninsula has been connected through a multiplicity of entanglements (both colonial and non-colonial) to other regions of the world. In part, the global dynamics in which Italian territories have historically participated have sunk into oblivion: only in the last years, they have begun to be rediscovered through scholarly research conducted on sources preserved in archives, libraries and museums. Other histories, by contrast, have come down to us as part of colonial legacies which are still very present in the public space and which, at the same time, are increasingly contested. In recent years, the transformation of the Italian society catalysed by intercontinental migrations, especially from Africa, as well as the emergence of social movements, which are themselves interconnected on an international scale, have fuelled new debates and raised the question of how to address – in academic research and in the public space – these complex pasts. In this regard, this meeting aims to be a moment of debate between scholars, activists and members of institutions charged with disseminating knowledge. 

In collaboration with the University of Zurich and the University of Bologna.

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